21 Questions that Help you Sell your Home Better

  1. What is the buyer’s first impression of the exterior of the house? How could I improve it?
  2. Does the lawn need reseeding, or any other part of the landscaping, driveway, walks need attention?
  3. Does the house or any part of the house need to be painted?
  4. Are the screens and windows in good repair? Do they work well? Need replacing?
  5. Is the entrance of the house inviting? Is the door clean? Does it squeak or stick?
  6. What is the first impression after entering my home? What can I do to improve it?
  7. How does the carpet look, should it be cleaned or replaced?
  8. Is the doormat clean and free of clutter (shoes and boots)?
  9. Are any pets under control at all times will they bark or jump on visitors while I am not at home?
  10. Is there extra furniture that could be stored or moved to another area to give a feeling of spaciousness in the main rooms?
  11. Are kitchen counters and cupboards clear of clutter to make them appear larger?
  12. Are the appliances clean and in good working order?
  13. Do the cabinets need to be touched up or refinished, or would a good cleaning do the job?
  14. Buyers will want to look inside my closets and cupboards, how do mine measure up?
  15. Are my beds made, bed linens clean and in good repair, clothing and other clutter put away?
  16. Are the garage, basement and other storage areas as clean and neat as they should be?
  17. Are the bathrooms clean, mirrors shining, clutter off of the counters? Do the faucets drip?
  18. Should I consider removing very expensive or ornate fixtures (dining room chandelier) that I plan to take with me to my new home to save confusion later on?
  19. Should I be aware of other homes that are similar to mine also being offered for sale?
  20. Are the price and terms offered going to appeal to most of the buyers who are looking for a home in my price range?
  21. Before spending time and money, should I ask my Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd. Representative for a list of recommendations prepared specifically for my home?

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